Error Codes? How To Reset Samsung Washing Machine

How To Reset Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes? – The Samsung Washing Machines is electronic item is a needed-appliances in helping housewives to do business and rinse clothes. Starting from the process of soaking, rubbing, rinsing and squeezing has been done by the washing machine. No wonder if interested people to buy a washing machine is very large from time to time. Moreover, coupled with the price of Samsung washing machines that are increasingly affordable.

The workings of the washing machine can do almost all processes automatically, so there is very little user involvement because it saves time. Guide on how to repair or service damaged Samsung brand washing machines in the module and step by step.

Samsung brand washing machine type one tube or front loading error code will appear when there is damage to the component unless the condition is damaged to a total dead, then the error code does not appear. See the complete list of Error Codes for Samsung Washing Machines below, as well as how to deal with the damage.

Reset Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

Reset Samsung Washing Machine

There are a number of cases of washing machines that have errors in performance, but after checking the component parts it turns out there is no damage, this usually occurs damage in the software or firmware part contained in the IC memory module control. The damage can be repaired by resetting or reprogramming or flashing the memory IC again.

How to reset the Samsung washing machine module

To be able to reset the washing machine module can be done in two ways, namely without removing the IC memory and the second by removing the memory IC (the most effective way).

The first way, the condition must have an RX and TX socket EEPROM copy tool that can be directly affixed to the connector pin available outside on the washing machine module.

The second way is to remove the IC memory and flash or reset using the memory copy tool, the 8-foot SOIC or DIP socket model.

However, the reset method must already have the firmware or software type of the washing machine, for example, Samsung WA70V4, it must be flashed again using the same and normal software or firmware.

The way to get the firmware can be searched via the internet and Samsung support, or by copying the IC memory from the same washing machine series that is still normal.