How to fix error 5e on Samsung washing machine

The error that most often appears on the Samsung washing machine is an error 5E. usually, This error occurs when the water is not completely wasted from draining from the washing machine. This causes the indicator on the washing machine to display Error 5E.

The message appears Error 5E, E2 or 5C or reads with the letter Error SE. Sometimes this problem is very easy to fix. The error message appears, when the washing machine sensor detects water flowing out/drain from the tube for too long. The sensor will give message 5E code if water does not come out of the tube within 15 minutes.

The measurement is from a pressure level system that detects there is still water pressure in the tube at a certain time. And the Samsung washing machine system will stop the washing process. Because water is not finished out of the tube.

how to fix error 5e code samsung

fix 5e error

How to Fix Samsung 5e error dishwasher

The meaning of the message Error 5E code, the washing machine system that should emit water but the water does not come out like the calculation of the time needed.

What happens if Samsung 5E error code occur. There is a very simple problem with the clogged drainage section, until the most severe condition of the drain valve is problematic or not open properly. The last damage if the switch at the bottom of the washing machine is indeed problematic. Like a broken valve pulling motor, or a cable that gives power out.

Clean the exhaust filter, and make sure the tube is installed correctly, and there is nothing clogging the drain. Try observing if an error message appears with code 5E. The characteristics of the outflow water (the Drain process) of the washing machine run very little. No need to repair, just need to be cleaned. You can do the following steps to resolve the error 5e problem on the Samsung washing machine:

  1. Clean debris filters first.
  2. Open the filter cover by pressing and pulling on the filter cover handle with your finger.
  3. Hold the lid at the end of the drain tube and gently pull about 6 inches (15 cm) and the water will drain everything.
  4. Remove the Rubble stamp filter by turning it counterclockwise.
  5. Clean the filter and then reinstall it.
  6. Then, Make sure the drain hose is not clogged. To make it unclogged, Remove the drain hose from the washing machine. Attach the spray nozzle to the end of the hose. Aiming the clogged washing machine hose can drain the remaining water stored in the kinetic under the hose. Continue spraying until the hose is no longer blocked.
  7. Make sure the drain hose doesn’t freeze.
  8. Make sure the drain hose is properly installed.

okay that’s a little tutorial on how to deal with error 5e in the Samsung washing machine, hopefully it’s useful.