How to fix 4e error Samsung washing machine

Ever experienced washing clothes with a Samsung washing machine, then in the middle of the washing machine the sound was ringing while displaying an error code 4e on the washing machine screen? If so, don’t worry, your washing machine is not damaged.

In fact, the washing machine is giving a signal that there is a problem (in this case is 4e Error) when the washing machine unit is operating. This is good, so we always pay attention to some things in washing so that it is smooth and the washing machine is not damaged quickly.

If you are one of the users of the Samsung washing machine, the type of front load, hopefully you can enjoy optimal usage without problems with a long service life, but if you happen to be faced with a problem that is difficult to solve even though you have tried some initial actions, hopefully this article can give enlightenment to you especially if there is a display error code 4e on the menu screen. Read also: How to fix error 5e on Samsung washing machine if you face another code of error.

How to fix 4e error Samsung washer

fix 4e error on Samsung

How to fix samsung washing machine error code 4e

This is the guide how to fix 4e error on samsung washer (water supply error): try to check the faucet, maybe it hasn’t been opened, or small water pressure. Washing machines require a water pressure of 50-800 kpa and must be open until you finish washing.

That is how the action you can do for samsung dishwasher 4e error, From now on, avoid the cause of errors so that the washing machine stays durable and washing activities remain smooth. Thus, hopefully the number of articles about this washing machine will be useful, this error code or fault code 4e is relevant for Samsung washing machines sold in the market. Have a good activity!