How to fix 4C/4C2, 4E, 5C, and OE/OF error on Samsung

How to fix 4C/4C2, 4E, 5C, and OE/OF error on Samsung – In practice, using a Samsung washing machine is not as easy as one might imagine. You need to know how to use it properly and also measure the amount of water or detergent.

There is a lot of damage code on the Samsung washing machine as a code which shows the type of damage or error, so we know the cause more quickly.

In addition, you also need to estimate the washing time, positioning the hose so that the washing results are not optimal. For those of you who are just using the Samsung washing machine for the first time, here is some list of error codes that you need to know.

how to fix error code samsung

How to fix error Samsung washer

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How to fix 4C / 4C2, 4E, 5C, and OE / OF error on Samsung Washer

4C and Error 4C2 Error – For 4C Error, you can solve it by opening the water tap and making sure the faucet doesn’t freeze. In addition, you need to keep the water hose from clogging and ensure that the Samsung washing machine has enough water pressure. while for 4C2, this error code is also related to the water supply. To overcome this, connect the cold water supply hose to the faucet. When it is connected to a hot tap, your laundry will change the cycle later.

4E Error (Water Supply Error) – interference with incoming water flow
The best solution to this problem is to always open the water tap and make sure the running water has a pressure of around 50-800 Kpa. you can also clean the water filter and make sure the hose is not bent, and also check the installation of cold water and hot water supply hose, make sure it is not interchanged (cold water supply is marked with a blue tap).

5C Error – This error indicates an error caused by water not drying. This problem can be dealt with by cleaning the debris filter which is able to contribute to the drain hose. Then, make sure the drain hose is in the correct position, even straightened to the exhaust system.

OE / OF (Overflow Error) – interference caused by too much water flow. This indicator shows damage to the water level detector. If this happens, the water supply works continuously. how to overcome it is to turn off the unit for at least 30 seconds then change the program to spin to remove water and then repeat the washing process.