How to fix UC error on Samsung washing machine

Cause and how to fix UC error Samsung – Notification of errors on Samsung washing machines are very useful for the user and technician, for that you are expected as a user must know even if only the basis of its use. Samsung washing machine error does not necessarily occur damage, it could be because of trivial things that affect the sensor.

Detecting various types of damage to the Samsung washing machine, you can see on the display panel screen will appear a code that indicates damage if there is damage or error in use. If this happens, please see how to fix the UC error in the Samsung washing machine.

The Samsung washer error code UC occurs because the electricity voltage in your home is unstable so the device will automatically delay the washing process to protect itself from damage and will return to work if the mains voltage has returned to normal.

How to fix UC error Samsung

How to fix UC error code

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How to fix error UC on a Samsung washing machine

You can fix error code UC Samsung washing machine by repair your electricity or use STAVOL. or you should measure electricity directly using a voltmeter when the washing machine is turned on, it could be that the increase in voltage generated by the stabilizer is not suitable especially if the stabilizer is too small or low quality.

if the recommended steps (according to the appearance of the code) do not provide appropriate results, then this UC error should be done by experienced people (technicians). In addition to the error code UC, there are many damage codes on the washing machine as a code which shows the type of damage or error, so that we know the cause more quickly.