How to fix DC and dE error on Samsung washing machine

One day a Samsung washing machine can appear dE message which means Door Error. For those of us who have never run or watched carefully, the dE sign is often seen on Samsung’s washing machine panel screens. But the message only appears when the washing machine door is opened, and the system will call DE — Door Error. The error is the message that the washing machine door has not been closed, and the washing machine will stop for a while until the door closes again.

The problem as above can appear after the washing machine has been used for a long time. Maybe in the morning, the Samsung washing machine raises a dE sign. Even though the washing machine door was closed, the washing machine still didn’t work. Calm down, the machine is not cranky or broken. There may be parts that need to be fixed easily.

Are there any broken components in the Samsung washing machine. Can be answered Yes, but simple damage. We can repair Samsung washing machines, Message of dE error code on Samsung washer appears. Also, read how to fix 4e error if you face another problem with your Samsung washing machine.

how to fix dE error code samsung washer

How to fix dE error

What does de error mean on Samsung washing machine

The most common thing is to make a dE message appear because the door switch has a problem, generally, the switch is pushed in the On position. When it comes in contact with a switch, it means telling the system that the door is closed securely and the machine can work.

The copper plate-shaped switch for the safety of the door might be weak, and one day there was no contact even though the washing machine door was closed. This is where the dE message appears and will continue to appear. Because the washing machine system considers the door still open because the switch does not work properly.

How to fix DC and dE error message on Samsung washing machine

I have a little experience to fix de error code on Samsung toploader washing, possible problems in the washing machine door switch section. Wear components can be repaired easily.

  1. Unplug the power, the washing machine power before opening the panel behind the washing machine.
  2. Open the cover of the cover near the washing machine door hinge. You can find a switch that goes up and down when the washing machine door is opened and closed.
  3. See the copper plate contact section on the safety switch system, if it looks like there is no contact like weakening. Press the switch plate in the position of the washing machine door closed.
  4. After being pressed try to test again whether the dE message still appears. If it still appears press again so that the brass plate that functions as a switch can contact.
  5. When the washing machine is normal, close the pan again properly. And the washing machine will go back to work.

DC Error code caused by operating the dryer with the door open, you can fix it by following this step:

  • Make sure the door is closed properly.
  • Make sure the laundry is not stuck in the door.

Usually, this is common in the age of Samsung washing machines. The problem of DC and dE does not require a technician if we want to repair the Samsung washing machine ourselves. Because the switch problem is the most common problem, and can still be repaired by pressing the plate to make contact come back. The careful technique is only recommended for those who understand the electrical system. The risk is in the hands of the reader, remember to unplug the power cord before tweaking your washing machine.