Samsung DV90T6240LN/S1 Manual (User Guide and Installation Guide)

The Samsung DV90T6240LN/S1 is a good blend of cheap running costs, high performance, and useful features like as SmartThings connectivity and a drying rack for shoes and lay-flat items. The washer is designed to seem contemporary and attractive, with a simple text-lead display instead of the typical assortment of buttons.

All you have to do is turn the dial and select the desired programme: the tumble dryer indicates the predicted cycle time as well as the maximum weight of laundry that may be used. That means you’ll spend less time going through the Samsung DV90T6240LN/S1 manual because the information you need is right there. In addition to the standard drying cycles, there are customized programs for wool items, outdoor apparel, delicates, and beds, among others. Along with the regular set of programs, there are a few unique choices, such as a high-temperature hygiene setting and an AirWash program that gently refreshes garments without requiring a wash cycle. A double filter sits in the door and is meant to trap more lint than a standard filter.

The Samsung DV90T6240LN/S1 works with SmartThings. Connecting to the app is important since it allows you to see which drying cycles are available and receive notifications when a wash is completed.

Samsung DV90T6240LN/S1 Manual (User and Quick Started Guide)

Samsung DV90T6240LN/S1 Manual

Samsung DV90T6240LN/S1 Washer Features

  • Capacity : 9.0 kg
  • Panel Display: AI Control
  • Access location: Front Load
  • Features: Heat Pump Technology, Optimal Dry, Smart Control +, Hygiene Care, WiFi Embedded

Samsung DV90T6240LN/S1 Manual Download

Read this DV90T6240LN/S1 manual thoroughly to ensure you know how to safely and efficiently operate your new appliance’s features and functions. You can download the Samsung DV90T6240LN/S1 user manual by clicking the link below, make sure your model is suitable with this manual.

Samsung DV90T6240LN/S1 User Manual Download
File Name: U-PJT_DRYER_SimpleUX_WEB_SSEC-00_EU_English.pdf
Version 1.0
Size: 11.73 MB

Samsung DV90T6240LN/S1 Installation Guide Download
File Name: U-PJT_DRYER_TAG_DC68-03840K-01.pdf
Version 1.0
Size: 2.08 MB

If you face a problem when operating the Samsung DV90T6240LN/S1 Washer, please read the User Manual and Repair Guide. If you found an error code, please check How to Reset Samsung Washer to deal with these errors.